Recipe for the healthiest cocktail ever: green future. Made with apple juice, kiwi & bison grass vodka. So yummy! Makes four cocktails.

This green destiny Cocktail is my favored cocktail of all times. I constantly serve it at parties because it seems quite and it’s so yummy! And it’s possibly the healthiest cocktail too..

i really like that you have practically a mini cucumber salad in a cocktail. There had been nights, where i have been ingesting inexperienced future all.night.long – and that i don’t regret a factor! these nights constantly turned out outstanding.

  • half of cup bison grass vodka
  • 2 half cups apple juice , cold
  • half of cup sparkling water , bloodless
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 2 ripe kiwis
  • 12 cucumber slices

  1. cut the kiwi in halves & spoon out the flesh. cut it in excellent small portions.
  2. upload the kiwi portions, vodka, apple juice, sparkling water and lemon juice in a large pitcher and deliver it a great blend.When serving, add about 5 cucumber slices on top of each cocktail.

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