Simple Fish Curry Recipe (Malabar Style)


Fish is a kind of affordable food for all. Fish curry have a lot of varieties even in the uniqueness of flavor. It goes very well with white rice. Try this simplest recipe..


  1.   Fish-5 piece (cubed size)    

  2.   Coconut milk-1/2 of a coconut

  3.   Turmeric powder-1/2tsp

  4.   Chilly powder-1tsp

  5.   Shallots-5no.s

  6.   Ginger-1small piece

  7.   Green chilly-1

  8.   Tomato-1medium(cut in to 4 piece)

  9.   Tamarind- lemon size  

  10.   Curry leaves

  11.   Salt-to taste

For Seasoning:


Coconut Oil 


  •         Blend coconut with enough water

  •         In a pan mix coconut milk with turmeric, chilly, salt, green chilly ,tomato and  curry leaves.

  •         When it starts boiling stir well to avoid coconut milk separation.

  •         Add tamarind juice to it.

  •         When boiling add fish pieces and stir well

  •          After 6minutes switch off the flame .

  •          Season it with shallots fried in coconut oil.


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