Simple Caramel Bread Pudding - Recipe Book


Bread pudding is a very common pudding and lots of variety types included in it. Here comes one of the most simple and delicious menu.


  1. Bread- 8 slices cut up into small pieces

  2. Eggs-3

  3. Sugar-1cup

  4. Milk-2 1/2 cup 

  5. Cinnamon stick-1small piece

  6. Salt-a pinch

  7. Vanilla extract-1/2tsp.

  8. Vanilla essence-3drop


  • In a pan put a cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water. Stir
    well until sugar begins to melt. When it becomes brown in color remove from
    stove and pour 1tbsp of hot water and put it in a very low flame for few


  • In a saucepan, add
    the milk, sugar and cinnamon stick. Let it boils.

  • When it cool down, remove the cinnamon stick

  • Blend bread pieces(cut out the edges) with eggs and the rest of the ingredients with the cold milk.

  • Add caramel in a pudding mold.

  • Pour the mixture
    in the caramelized mold and bake for an hour in a double boiler (or steam cook it for 30-40 minutes.).

  • When it cool down,
    remold from the pan.


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