Popcorn Chicken - Recipe Book



Popcorn chicken is a great appetizer and a perfect snack for any of your favorite match. It uses really small pieces of chicken. Here I took only half part of a chicken breast and made a plate full of popcorns!! If you want more flavor; season the oats crumbs with whatever you like.


  1.   Chicken -2cup (bone less; cut in to tiny chunks) 

  2.   All purpose flour/ maida-1cup

  3.   Pepper powder-1tsp

  4.   Chili powder-1/2tsp

  5.   Salt-to taste

  6.   Garlic powder-1/2tsp

  7.   Egg-1

  8.   Milk-1tbsp     

  9.  Salt-to taste

  10. Oats(just crushed)-1cup

  11. Chicken masala-1/2tsp


  • Mix 2 to 6 ingredients (Maida, pepper powder, chili powder, salt and garlic powder)  in a bowl.

  • Mix 7 to 9 (egg, milk and salt) ingredients in a bowl.

  • Roll each piece of chicken in the flour mixture.

  • Then dip it in the egg mixture.

  • Then roll in the oats crumbs; coated well.

  • Deep fry it in the hot oil (medium-low flame) till golden brown in color.



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