How to Prepare Fish Tikka


Fish tikka is
very delicious and very easy to prepare. This dish is oil free and good for
health also. For the preparation of fish tikka, you don’t need any artificial ingredients.
All the ingredients are natural and good for health. All the ingredients available
in your kitchen is enough. We can make tandoori tikka and barbecue tikka.

fish tikka

Ingredients for the fish tikka.

  •         Cubic pieces of fish boneless 500 gram

  •         Ginger small piece

  •         Green chilly 2 nos

  •         Garlic 5 nos

  •         A pinch curry leaves

  •         Mustard oil 30 ml

  •         Thick curd 6 table spoon

  •         Lemon juice 11/2 teaspoon

  •         Coriander leaves 1 teaspoon

  •         Turmeric powder a pinch

  •         Cumin seed a pinch

  •         Garam masala a pinch

  •         Ajwain or ayamadhakam a pinch

  •         Salt to taste

  •         Fenugreek a pinch

  •         Onion

  •         Tomato

  •         Lemon

Preparation for a fish tikka

  •         Prepare a paste of ginger, garlic curry leaves and green chilly this a side it should be 2 table spoon.

  •         Marinate the cleaned fish with the paste.

  •         Add lemon juice and salt into it.

  •         Add the curd into it.

  •         Add the rest of ingredients except onion and tomato.

  •         Marinate the fish well.

  •         Keep the fish for 30 minutes.

  •         Preheat the oven in 350 Degree F

  •         Insert the fish pieces on skewers and brush oil on top of it 

  •         Cook it in a microwave oven about 7 minutes

  •        Turn over the skewers and brush little oil on top, cook it for another 7 minutes

  •        Fish tikka is ready

  • Serve in a serving dish with
    decorating onion , tomato and a piece of lemon 


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