How ( 5 Ways ) To Reheat Leftover Pizza


Reheating the cold pizza using any of the methods mentioned below will bring that slice back to life and no longer will you have to eat it cold, rubbery, burnt, or flavorless.

Putting pizza in the refrigerator will break down the chemicals inside the dough, which gives it that bummer, tough texture the next day. Before putting the leftover pizza in the fridge, Wrap the pizza in plastic wrap, put it in a freezer bag or other container to avoid drying.

The USDA and other food safety experts recommend leaving pizza out at room temperature for no more than two hours.

How To Reheat Leftover Pizza

Toaster Oven Method: 

Toaster ovens are good if you just have a just one or two slices to reheat and they’re also energy efficient.


Preheat over to 400 degrees 
Put in slices on some foil for about 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbling.

Skillet Method: 

The skillet method is great to recreate the crispness of the original pizza. Cast iron skillets works better but a frying pan can work as well. Reheat your pizza slices one at a time in a covered pan over a medium-low heat until warm – this will keep the crust crispy while reheating the upper layer


1: Get a large skillet, and heat some olive oil until it is ready, over medium-high heat. You only need enough olive oil to coat the pan,

2: Reduce heat to medium/medium-low, and put pizza in the pan. 

3: Cover the pan (very important or the toppings won't get warm), and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Conventional Oven Method: 

A conventional oven is likely to give you the closest to original texture and taste for your reheated pizza slices. It’s also the most practical for reheating lots of slices at once.


1.Heat a foil-lined cookie sheet in a 450°F oven until hot (high heat makes the crust crispy). 

2.Arrange slices on the sheet and heat until the cheese is bubbly.

If it's cold (from the fridge), heat for 10 minutes. 

If it's fresh but not hot, just heat for about 5 minutes.

(The time will depend on what toppings you had and how cold it was in the fridge. It's done when the cheese bubbles.) 

Microwave Method 

This is the least favorite method to reheat the pizza but in case you don't have enough time to do any of the above method orjust feeling lazy..;)..then opt for microwaving .. 

Place a single slice in the microwave for only 10 to 20 seconds. Just enough to soften up the cheese and dough a little bit.


Per slice: 20 seconds in the microwave to warm up the bread then 30 seconds under the broiler to melt the cheese and crisp the topping.

Barbecue grill 

works great for reheating pizza too if you have one at home

So how do you usually eat your leftover pizza?

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