Fruit Cake or Plum Cake


Fruit cake contains very rich amount of fruits, mainly dry
fruits and loved by everyone. It tastes so yummy. It is also known as Christmas
cake. Most of them make fruit cake by adding alcohol. But here it is the
alcohol free version. This evolve two steps first is the preparation of caramel
and next is preparation of cake batter.

Plum Cake or Fruit Cake

For the preparation of caramel:

  •  Sugar-1/4cup

  • Hot water-3tbsp

Heat sugar with a tbsp. of water. Stir well to avoid clotting.
When it becomes brown in color remove from stove and add 2tbsp of water

Take attention when pouring hot water and avoid burning. Put
it again in a low flame for few seconds...keep it aside. The color of the
caramel decides the color of fruit cake. So be very careful when preparing this
in order to get a good brown color not so dark and not so pale.


For the Preparation of cake:

Mixed fruits-1/4 cup(tutti fruity, cashew
,walnut, dried apricot,  fig, dates etc
as per our taste)



All purpose flour-3/4cup

Baking powder-1/2tsp

Sugar powderedd-1/2cup

Vanilla essence-4drops

Caramel syrup-above preparation

Spice powder- powder of 1cardmom,nutmeg small
piece, cinnamon small piece

Fresh orange juice with zest-2tbsp

Mixed fruit jam-1tbsp


Preheat the oven in 180~c for 10 minutes

Beat the egg whites very well and keep it aside

Beat egg yolk and butter , when it becomes
creamy add powdered sugar slowly

Add vanilla essence, jam , caramel syrup, spice powder,
orange juice  one by one and mix it thoroughly

Add Maida and baking powder sieved mixture to it
and mix it with a spoon

Add the mixed fruits(mix it in with Maida and sieve
the excess Maida)

Now add the beaten egg whites in to this and
combine well

Pour it in to a greased baking tray(with butter
and Maida)

· Bake for 40-45 minutes.


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