Duck Roast With Coconut Milk


Duck Roast cocked in coconut milk that makes a dish perfect and it can be served with Rice, Rotti, and Nan.

 Ingredients :

1.     Duck one kilo gram (cut into big medium Pieces)

2.     Turmeric Powder one teaspoon

3.     Chili powder one table spoon

4.     Pepper powder one teaspoon

5.     Garam masala two and half teaspoon

6.     Shallots one cup cut into half

7.     Onion 2 medium size

8.     Tomato one

9.     Green chili two

10.  Curry leaves and coriander Leaves

11.  Thick coconut milk (one coconut or one cup)

12.  ¼ cup oil

13.  Boiling water one cup.


1. Soak the duck meat with salt and turmeric for 30 minutes
2. After soaking, fry the duck meat pieces in coconut oil by using a frying pan.
3. Keep the meat until brown color after that take out the meat and keep the meat aside.
4. Sauté the onion along with the garam masala by using the same oil which is used for frying the meat.
5. When the onion turns brown add the chili powder.
6. Add the fried duck into the frying pan.
7. Add the boiling water into it.
8. Give pressure cook for 30 minutes.
9. If  the gravy loose allow to thicken
10. Add coconut milk once the required consistency is reached.
11. Then change into serving dish and decorate with coriander leaves.


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