Delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes For Whole Week


Hearty and wholesome VEGAN breakfast recipes to get you started for the day. Pair it with fresh fruits or smoothies to make a wholesome meal. And always choose fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients

Vegan French Toast / Eggless French Toast 

French toast without EGGS , sounds crazy Right? This easy vegan French toast recipe uses bananas instead of eggs, giving it a sweet flavor & they are way better then french toast with eggs. Very moist and tasty. You will be pleasantly surprised at how yummy these are and will surely be glad to put French toast back onto your breakfast menu!:)

Vegan Pancakes / Eggless Pancakes 

Seriously, who needs eggs anymore at all with recipes like these? This easy peasy super light & fluffy pancake will be ready in just 5 minutes and no one can tell that these are VEGAN. The batter will be thick and you have to spread it around the pan a bit.

Oats & Lentil Vegan Crepes / Adai / Chilla 

As we all know Oats and lentil are super nutritious & healthy . This recipe combines the two tasty combination to make a great breakfast.

Eggless Vegan Omelette

These Eggless Omelette are surprisingly easy and quick to make.This is a very popular breakfast item, made with oat,whole wheat & chickpea flour instead of eggs.They can be served as it is or stuffed with any stir fried veggies of your choice. This recipe makes 2 medium size omelette and i promise after having this for your breakfast you won't be hungry until your lunch time.

Vegan Black Bean No Cheese Quesadillas 

If you are skeptical about trying Quesadilla without cheese then you will be glad that you did.These quesadillas are packed with nutrition, minus the fat of all that cheese.

Pasta In Creamy Red Bell Pepper Sauce/ Vegan Recipe 

Pasta tossed with a lightly flavored red bell pepper sauce spiked with herbs and jalapenos

Spring Onion & Gram Flour Toast (Hare Pyaz Aur Besan Ka Toast) 

Besan toast is a great alternative for french toast and it is eggless too so great for healthy vegetarian snack or breakfast.These can be made in jiffy.These are great to make with your leftover bread too.




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