9 Vegan Ways To Use Fresh Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a healthy, low-carb addition to any meal. With so many different varieties and ways to prepare tomatoes, there's something for everyone.Tomatoes can be more than just a blase garnish & If the tomatoes in your garden grow in abundance, or you just can't resist them at the farmers' market then incorporate ripe, juicy tomatoes into your everyday meals with these fresh ideas.

Best Tomato Chutney Ever

If you’ve tried tomato chutneys before or not, you’re gonna love this. This is so addictive that you might want to put it on everything you eat..:)

Basic Indian Style Tomato Gravy( How To Make In Bulk And Freeze ) Step By Step Pictures

This traditional Indian Style Tomato Gravy can be used as a base for all sorts of vegetables or tofu . This is often referred to as a "curry". It is usually eaten with plain white rice or with Indian Bread Roti/Naan/Paratha.

Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce

Nothing is better than homemade sauce..Its so easy to prepare and i bet taste much better than store bought ones and with no preservatives at all..So next time when you are preparing pasta for your loved ones try this homemade sauce and enjoy a healthy and good meal..

Mexican Rice Recipe ( Step By Step Pictures)

Mexican rice is commonly known as Spanish rice or sopa de arroz in Mexico ..No Mexican meal is complete without a big platter of fluffy seasoned rice. This is the most simple, delicious Mexican rice recipe you will ever make.You don’t need any special ingredients to make Mexican rice at home, so it’s worth to try it out for yourself

Simple Tomato Rice / Tamatar Pulao

Tomatoes sauteed with spices and then added to rice makes a delicious southern rice delicacy know as Tomato rice.This delicious yet simple to prepare dish is full of wonderful flavors. Tomatoes can be pureed or chopped while adding . It can be eaten as it is or with some yogurt, or on the side of any Indian style vegetable curry dish.

Chickpeas & Tomato Pulao

Pulao is my all time favorite dish, it is easy to make in many variations. This one is made with some leftover chickpeas and tomato.

Spicy Potatoes With Tomatoes (Batata Nu Shak)

These potatoes are hot and quite delicious . They are best served with Indian breads but may also be served with store bought pita bread. They can be a part of any Indian meal.

Gobhi Kurma / Cauliflower In Tomato Sauce

This simple and delicious kurma will definitely please all the cauliflower lovers. Serve it hot as a side dish with indian bread


How To Freeze Fresh Cut/Sliced/Diced Tomatoes

It is possible to quickly freeze raw tomatoes without blanching them first & it's the best way to preserve their fresh tomato flavor to use once tomato season is over.They can be frozen whole, chopped or sliced. It is best to use the tomatoes within one year. Be sure to label and date your freezer bag.


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