6 Easy & Healthy Vegan Salads


Healthy Black Chickpeas Salad/ Kale Chane Ka Salad Recipe

This is a super healthy bowl of vegan chickpea salad. My dad shared this easy recipe with me & it can be easily made under 5 minutes if you have boiled chickpeas on hand.You can also make this recipe with white chickpeas.You can also chill the salad before serving.

Cucumber Grape Salad With Black Olive & Mint Dressing

This healthy salad have a refreshing combination of ingredients , cucumber & mint which not only satisfy your taste buds but also gives you the nutrition you need.

Red Kidney Beans & Corn Salad With Rice

This is a great salad recipe , have the salad as it is if you don't want to mix it with rice or you can put big scoop of salad over the rice..enjoy anyway you want

Watermelon & Cucumber Salad

Try this delicious and healthy & low calorie fruit salad with a twist.The quantity of each depends on individual but make sure to measure out nuts so that you don't go overboard

Crunchy Cucumber Salad With Crushed Peanuts / Kheere Aur Moongfali Ka Salad

This is really interesting recipe, with great combination of ingredients, fresh and complex tasting at the same time. Anyone who will eat this salad will ask for a recipe for sure.Do give it a try , it's quick , simple & healthy .

Masala Corn Salad / Spiced Corn Salad

You can serve this dish as a salad or as a side dish to any meal. Spiced toasted corn tossed with bell pepper and tomato not only makes a flavorful salad but looks absolutely beautiful sitting in your plate. If you are using fresh corn then i would recommend to grill it directly on the gas or grill then remove the corn, add spices and veggies and serve immediately.


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