Oatmeal Pancake - Recipe Book


Oatmeal pancakes are the  healthy choice for breakfast to start a wonderful day!!!
  1. Old fashioned oats-1 cup

  2. Wheat flour- 3/4 cup

  3. Egg-1

  4. Baking powder- 2 tsp

  5. Milk-2 cups

  6. Salt- 1/4 tsp

  7. Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp

  8. Butter melted- 4 tbsp

  • Dry roast oats in low flame for two minutes.

  • After that using a blender;  blend in to a fine powder.

  • mix it with wheat flour, baking powder and salt.

  • Add vanilla extract and  melted butter.

  • Add milk little by little by mixing well without any lumps.

  • Rest the batter for 10 minutes and start making pancakes.

  • In a heated non-stick pan; pour a ladle of thick batter and allow it to spread itself as a small round.

  • Cook on low flame until both sides are nice golden in color and inner sides get cooked well.

  • Add in to serving plates and sprinkle little icing sugar on top.

  • Serve hot with some fresh fruits, honey or butter.


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