Where's Dave?

Dave Woehr who is one of the FWCPD (Friends of Warren County Park District) OCVN'S (Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists)  takes a majority of the Friends' photos.  When you can't find him, he's probably out in our parks taking nature photos which he has enjoyed doing since childhood with his parents.


This link takes you to Dave's multitude of Flickr photos:



I’ve known for years that skunks emerge from their winter burrows in February.  They are somewhat like deer in that they forget to look both ways before crossing the road.  Each year I encounter many road-killed skunks in February.  They’ve even written a song about it:




I rarely see a live one, but it has been known to happen as you can see by this photo of one I took about a year ago: 




Also, I read in the Hillsboro newspaper that they are complaining about one that has invaded town out there: